Robert Scott

Robert Scott

Robert Scott is Blackfish's CEO and owner, and has been the owner of the business since 2013.

Formerly a long time grocery retailer with a passion for customer service, his "easy to deal with" attitude allows him to provide a professional and friendly service to all Blackfish clients. It is his aim to ensure that retailers and businesses who utilise Blackfish for their calendar requirements find the business process easy, clear and concise, and with no fuss. Whatever your business, Robert wants Blackfish calendars to be seen as making a difference to your business. To our existing customers, thank you for your business, and to prospective retailers or businesses - why not give Blackfish a try with your calendar requirements?

Robert is the Treasurer for the Tomarata RFC Inc and has been for the past twenty-three years and is a life member of the rugby club. He also enjoys jogging, piano playing, scuba diving and tramping.

In 2003 Robert walked the length of New Zealand in sixty-five days so quite literally knows New Zealand every step of the way.

Let Blackfish premium calendars stand out and make a difference to your business.

Please contact Robert:

Telephone : (09) 533-5964

Mobile : 0274 591-592

Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.